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Smart Switches

Smart Switches are smart devices that automate your electrical appliances with their exterior retrofit designs. It is a device that is enabled with Wi-Fi and allows you to control appliances from anywhere in the world remotely. With a 20 minutes installation process, you can manage all the appliances with your smartphone or tablet.

A Plus Smart 1 Node Switch

A Plus 1 Node Switch is a smart device that enables you to automate any one appliance. With this device, you can trun on/off an applicance at one tap on your smartphone. The device will help you create your workflows or schedules so that you won't have to move a single muscle to make appliances work.


  • Retrofit design:

    Designed to fit into existing switchboards, with quick and hassle-free installation

  • Robust Hardware:

    Advanced firmware and rugged hardware design are few of the features for long-lasting performance of the device.

  • Secure Wi-Fi:

    Equipped with Secure Wi-Fi, that helps you to control appliances from any location.

  • Variants:

    Smart 1 Node (automates one appliance), Smart 2 Node (automates two appliances), Smart 4 Node (automates four appliances), Smart 6 Node (Automates six appliances) and Smart 2+1 switches (automates two appliance and one fan, along with a regulator).

  • Timer and schedulers:

    Set cut-off timer, so the appliance will turn off automatically in time.

  • Workflow and scenes:

    Easy to create a workflow as the controls are based on schedules and timer settings.

  • Running hours:

    You can view the detialed running hours and control history for additional monitoring of the appliance.

  • Voice Assistant:

    The device supports all major voice assistants, including Amazon - Alexa, Apple - Siri, Google etc.

  • IFTTT:

    Extend unlimited capabilities with IFTTT like location-based control etc.

  • Buzzer Indication:

    Three times buzzer indicates 'Ready to configure', two times buzzer indicates 'Successfully configured', and one-time buzzer indicates 'Reboot' of the device.

smart switches

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